First project report now published – read it here!
Thanks for the great response to the 2014 One Day Diary. Our first paper on its findings is published and there will be more papers and presentations.
Creative Exchange and Blaze are supporting the project for a 2nd year, so we have been running a second One Day Diary in 2015. Results and analysis to follow soon!


Greater knowledge, better cycling

Cycling near misses, like SMIDSY’s, close shaves or plain rudeness, can be unpleasant and off-putting. They can influence cycling behaviours and people’s decisions to cycle at all. If too frequent, they could serve as a warning for more serious incidents.

To prevent them, we need to know how common they are, why they happen and what effects they have on people.

Ride a bike? We need you.

We asked people across the UK to tell us about their cycling experience on a particular day – the One Day Diary. We had over 1500 people report all cycle trips and any incidents happening on their diary day.

We’ve also been following Twitter, audio and video reports of near misses.

Positive change

We want our findings to be used by planners and policy-makers; to inform street design, for example. We‘ll work to engage the public in an informed debate and help all road users better understand how a minor incident might affect a person cycling.