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Report Launch Event

We held our launch event on 7th September at Westminster University. After introductions by Chris Boardman and others, and a short presentation and Q&A about the research, a packed room of stakeholders from a range of organisations discussed ways to […]


Feeling the Pinch

As we continue analysing the data, there’ll be a series of blog posts thinking it through. These are personal reflections/work-in-progress – responses are welcome. There’s a lot of stuff to look at in relation to behaviour, experiences, infrastructure and road […]


Not dying is a low bar…

Written for the London Cycling Campaign’s blog during Road Safety Week.

The title of this post is inspired by a feminist slogan I read: “Consent is a low bar. Aim for enthusiasm”.

On the streets, not dying is a low bar. But a really important one. I dream of not needing to worry about ending up at A&E in the morning, rather than at work…


Why Near Misses Matter

A piece written for the West End Extra, which appears here. I’m currently leading a research project (funded by Creative Exchange and Blaze) looking at cycling ‘near misses’. It’s a UK-wide project including a ‘one day diary’ so far filled […]