Some of the media coverage for the project – 14 October 2014

“We hear lots about the worst road incidents involving cyclists: collisions that leave bike riders dead or fighting for their lives in hospital. But there are vastly more unpleasant minor incidents that don’t result in injury: inadvertent close passes; deliberate ‘punishment passes'; ‘Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You’ near-misses; abuse; harassment; and many many more. At worst, these leave cyclists shaken and fearful. At best, they’re a dispiriting part of urban cycling that helps deter potential cyclists who aren’t young, fit, brave and confident.”

Evening Standard – 14 October 2014

“The cabbie who skimmed your pedals, the phone-zombies or the driver who truly doored you — a London start-up wants to track your near misses. Jasmine Gardner and her bike buddies tell tales of dodging a squashing.”

Guardian – 11 June 2015 (Rachel Aldred)
Guardian – 11 June 2015 (Peter Walker)

These two pieces cover the findings of our first peer-reviewed project paper, available free here.

Two articles in the Telegraph in June 2015 by Jonny Cooper and Harry Wallop, focusing on cycling safety and gender.

23rd June, 2015 – BBC London news on cycling safety

Peter Walker, G2, 1st July 2015, “Sabotage and Hatred: what have people got against cyclists?